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Dark Romance - Valentines exclusive

Dark Romance - Valentines exclusive

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Dark Romance is a Valentine’s Day exclusive. This perfume has sexy deeper notes. The red wine mixed with the scent of roses is the perfect mixture for a valentines dinner or night out.

Although this perfume has some heavier notes, we have made sure that it is a smooth, feminine scent that is not overpowering. It is perfect for people who love roses but don’t want to be walking around with the overpowering scent of one.

**Please note that our processing times are 1-2 weeks.**

Our perfumes and colognes last anywhere from 3-6 hours on skin and 6-9 hours on clothes. The time frame differs person to person.

To get the most out of your new perfume/cologne, spray on pulse points (behind your ear, bottom of throat, wrist, inside of the elbow and behind the knee.) Pulse points are the warmer spots of your body where blood flows. This will mix with your natural scent and will project the perfume/cologne.

Do not rub the perfume/cologne in after spraying. Allow it to sit.

100% Food grade alcohol


Cruelty Free

Phthalate and DPG free.

The oils are a mix of essential oils and fragrance oils that are plant based.


Although we test on several different skin types it is important to test on a small patch of your own skin.

**We DO NOT use denatured alcohol. There are misconceptions about denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is full of chemicals. We pride ourselves with natural, clean ingredients and will never add anything with additives.**

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